Friday, 1 May 2009

Enclosed in your embrace
two bodies moving as one
let us sway to the music of love
this dance has only just begun

I hold you tenderly in my arms
your body arching against mine
your lips inviting my kiss
as we dance the tango divine

My body sways to the rhythm
intoxicated by the sounds
my hips follow your lead
a move that knows no bounds

One dance is all we need
to taste your passionate wine
your touch upon my skin
sends tingles down my spine

By Terrec
Stars shine at night
twinkling in a blue sky
dreams are never faraway
relax and let them comfort you
let all your thoughts soar skywards
upwards to fluffy clouds billowing softly
then let your dream slowly overtake you
upwards to fluffy clouds billowing softly
let all you thoughts soar skywards
relax and let them comfort you
dreams are never faraway
twinkling in a blue sky
Stars shine at night

By Terrec

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Time alone to ponder my thoughts
feel the sunshine warm on my face
search for love to nourish my soul
transfer me to that wonderful place

Such moments are few and far between
so welcome this moment of solitude
the warmth of his arms as they embrace
and wrap around my heart and mood

I love the feeling of total peace
this place gives me when I arrive
opens my heart lets the sunshine in
gives my soul fuel on which to survive

Everyone should have a special place
in which to retreat and be alone
to laugh or cry whatever you choose
all your troubles a stepping stone

By Terrec
I feel the warmth of your kiss
as you hold me so tight
I come alive in your arms
on this and every night

You have captured my soul
I surrender to your love
together we are joined
with a passion many dream of

Your kiss fills me with love
my heart feels fit to burst
spoken words are not needed
kiss me with an unsatiable thirst

By Terrec

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The golden sunflower is a flower of beauty
bright green leaves and stems so long
she will shine so bright in the morning sun
petals as fragile as the words of a song

Care for her so tenderly she will grow so tall
till her face is reaching high in the sky
nourish her with water and give her some love
she will give up her seeds for she is not shy

Only then will she wilt and begin to die
scattering her seeds over the barren ground
head bowed low and nearly touching the floor
she will rise once again to amuse and astound

By Terrec
The sky at night turns golden
as the sun starts to set
colour shimmering over the water
a sight you will never forget

Look far over the horizon
no two sunsets are the same
marvel at the beautiful colours
no other sight commands such fame

So peaceful to watch in wonder
all your fears do melt away
everything ceases for that moment
the earth is a beautiful bouquet

Hopes and ambitions seem nearer
a good feeling penetrates your soul
we get a glimpse of good over evil
what tomorrow brings you can control

Make your wish to the golden sky
and herald the dawning of a new day
let peace and tranquility calm you
and watch the sun put on her display

By Terrec
A reflection of my thoughts
written on my face for you to see
I cannot hide them away
this is not how I want to be

This mirror reflects the truth
my eyes cannot shade how I feel
all I have now is numbness
you have turned my heart to steel

You have left your mark and sadness
that comes with the pain you gave
I know when I look in the mirror
what the world sees must be brave

Every tear that falls is fragile
my eyes are a shadow, empty and deep
a dull shell of what they used to be
because all I can do now is weep

One day I will look in the mirror
see a person who has braved the storm
pick myself up and dust off the cobwebs
and before you my smile will transform

By Terrec