Sunday, 29 March 2009

Let me leave a path of petals
to help guide me home at night
through this dark and creepy forest
eerie shadows in misty light

All around seems quite silent
a sudden scream gives me a fright
I shiver as I carry on walking
and see a ghostly lady in white

I need to leave these woods quickly
or who knows what will be my plight
I run so fast to the edge of the trees
and safety from ray of sunlight

By Terrec
The sea is wild and angry today
but I feel a peace to some degree
looking out over the horizon
my faithful friend and me

We will put the world to rights
as I tell him all my grumbles
he sits and looks at me adoringly
and makes me feel quite humble

I wouldnt be a day without him
with him forever by my side
one look from those big brown eyes
and my heart swells up with pride

By Terrec
What great adventure stories
I hear from Leo each night
trekking through the mountains
tales of fantasy and flight

In search of the treasure
as the dragons breath glows
running through the forest
slaying dragons as he goes

So strong and powerful is Leo
as he fights for all thats right
he is the king of the jungle
and I listen with much delight

By Terrec

Saturday, 28 March 2009

We sit in the shed and have a brew
hard work in allotment today
flowers to plant and seeds to re-pot
trying to keep the weeds at bay

The big red pot is full to the top
you cant beat a cuppa tea
sugar and milk and biscuits to dip
keeps me lively and hunger free

I am fed and watered and dig again
tulips, daffodils and pretty sweet peas
all standing in line as I plant and sow
and they sway about in the breeze

The day is done and cooling down
one more trip to the shed
put on the kettle and settle down
for a cuppa, some cheese and bread

By Terrec

Busy thoughts clutter my mind
many things to see and do
time will not stop for any agenda
minutes tick another hour anew

Inspiring sketches is what I see
my eye forever watching the clock
cram as much into each and every day
you never know when the seconds will lock

Equations to fathom till my brain hurts
numbers and letters need a solution
if F equals Q and 1 and 2 make 3
these traits are the basis of evolution

Words you can write and books you can read
it is true the pen is mightier than the sword
knowledge gained by whatever method
means you are richer than any nobled lord

By Terrec

Friday, 27 March 2009

A fragrance lies upon the air
awakening senses of the geisha
jasmine drifting on the breeze
and blossoming sweet rose acacia

Dressed in reams of silk and jewels
kimono colours so vibrant and rich
a woman of the oriental east
with mesmorizing eyes to bewitch

Fluttering gracefully with dainty steps
red lips that promise delight
she dances with the grace of a swan
masking a face of porcelain white

Lacquered hair adorned with pearls
she masters her art of teasing
no emotions shown upon her face
singing words that you find pleasing

By Terrec